Test automation: Mascot & branding

Behind the Scenes

Together with QiTASC GmbH, we developed the slogan The Magic of Testing and a matching mascot that is still in use today. As metaphor, a world was defined around the magician, who represents the QiTASC team. Supplementary figures were assigned fixed metaphors: The cylinder stands for the software, which offers test automation as if it was done by magic. The rabbits represent the seemingly endless features that can be pulled out of the hat. Little by little, the characters evolved, finding themselves in slapstick moments in illustrations for the newsroom.

For the MWC Barcelona 2016, I branded the booth and animated four videos via the Whiteboard technique, which are lined up as an endless loop and visualize four use cases of the intaQt software: Basic Voice, Call Forwarding, Data and SMS with USSD. That brought in an entertaining factor for interested visitors who passed by or had to wait.

The originally small QiTASC-team was my first customer with recurring orders. I owe a large part to them, who were partly-responsible for me to get through the beginning phase of self-employment. Over the years I have witnessed the success and growth of the company.

The collaboration continues to this day.

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