Es macht immer viel Freude mit Anna zu arbeiten! Ihr „Auge” für kreative und klare Visualisierung – von der Idee bis zum Umsetzung – macht das Ergebnis so überzeugend! Stets klar fokussiert, kommuniziert und visualisiert! Vielen Dank für die tolle Zusammenarbeit!!

Mag. Nina Gruber
Marketing & Kommunikation, ib-data GmbH

It is always a pleasure to work with Anna! Her ‘eye’ for creative and clear visualization – from the idea to implementation – makes the result so convincing! She always focuses, communicates and visualizes in a clear way! Thank you for the great cooperation!!

Mag. Nina Gruber
Marketing & Communication, ib-data GmbH

Two years ago, we started to use short videos specifically in customer projects to transport our complex content in a modern and simple way. Since then, Anna has been our ‘go-to-person’ for all matters relating to video conception, video shooting and video editing. The level of professionalism we receive for our often limited project budgets is outstanding. The reliable and extremely warm cooperation was a bonus on top. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the results – so are we!

Mag. Gerd Beidernickl
Founder and CEO, vieconsult GmbH

Anna and her team did a reliable and high-quality job before, during and after the Cat Film Festival. I do not want to miss any collaboration with her in our future projects!

Mag. Marija Milovanovic
Program Management Cat Film Festival, Lemonade Films – Agentur für Festivalstrategien & Verleih

After working with Anna in 2013 for a medium-sized conference in Germany, it was immediately clear that we would work with her again on our next big project (2018).

With her uncomplicated nature, she managed to create a perfect visual subject from our partly ‘half-baked ideas’, which hit the core of our project exactly. In addition, Anna was very flexible and worked with us up to the last minute on the fine-tuning of the various types of printing.

The collaboration worked great and also thanks to her wonderful work the conference was a complete success!​

Mag. Dr. Anna K. Windisch
Research Fellow, University of Salzburg

Working with Anna is extraordinary! Because she is extremely reliable, thinks ahead, brings great ideas and her work always exceeds my already high expectations. I am often approached by my clients and colleagues about my design, course materials and videos – I owe that compliment to Anna.

MMag. Theresa Ehsani
EPU, Theresa Ehsani – Eine starke Marke, Sichtbarkeit und Erfolg Online

I really enjoyed working with Anna. She listened to me and understood exactly what I wanted to communicate through my logo.

My customers should understand that it have something to do with law (= paragraph) and that I take care of unpopular official stuff for them (= paperwork), in German in Spanish (= colors of the flags of Germany and Spain).

Anna was totally creative (despite the factual and dry topic) and presented me with many different ideas for a logo. I thought that was great, because one often does not know what one wants, until you see it.

She was also extremely patient with me during the ‘fine tuning’ and adjusted the logo until I found it perfect (font, swing and width of the letters, colors, arrangement of individual pieces of paper in the paragraph sign, ..).

I can fully recommend Anna!​

Svenja Werner
Legal and tax advisor, Svenja Werner

Anna responded 100per cent to me during the logo design & CD process in order to optimally pack my values and ideas into my logo and overall appearance of my business. In addition, Anna also included the archetype of my target group into the process. I felt that I was in good hands in every step of the process and was very grateful for Anna’s valuable tips and hints. Anna’s ability to respond to my wishes and conjure up suitable designs inspires me every time.

Since I also wanted to adapt my social media presence to my CD, Anna made brilliant templates for me that I can now adapt and post on my own, with little effort. These templates gave me a lot of security and self-confidence, especially at the beginning, and today they save me a lot of time and, above all, nerves in my daily work. 😉

Mag. Sigrid Walzl, BA
EPU, Sigrids Sonnenherz – Berufsentdeckerin für Generation Y

Working with Anna was very pleasant. She implemented all input concerning positioning professionally and materialized my specific ideas.

Whenever the need arises, we will resort to her, as she is very reliable on a human and work-related basis​.

Peter Huber
Head of Payroll Operations, Rösler

Thanks to Anna we brought our Datenbeschützerin, the character of my business, to virtual life. Anna succeeded in portraying our personality and our image. We are completely satisfied with the result.

Regina Stoiber
Founder and CEO, Datenbeschützerin Regina Stoiber

At QiTASC, we appreciate Anna´s commitment, her positive character and her competence. Anna has the ability to visualize processes, procedures and moods in graphics in such a way that complex content becomes easier to understand.

Can Davutoglu
Founding member & Head of Sales, QiTASC GmbH – The Magic of Testing

I expected professional, but still relaxed portraits of  members of my team. Completely uncomplicated, Anna developed a suitable style and incorporated my input  for changes. I will be happy to come back to her whenever I need new portraits.

Oskar Öhlsasser
Managing partner and owner, Oskar IT GmbH

The collaboration was very inspiring.

We complement each other very well and our ideas were implemented and improved after a positive discussion.

We still use the film in schools and teachers like to use the additional materials such as the exercise book and the stickers.​

Angelika Büchler
Leader of the working group „Sei ein Held!“, NÖ Umweltverbände

Working with Anna was very professional, inspiring and at a level of eye and heart. She always understood well, which was important to me communication wise.

Anna has a wonderful, calm manner and no questions remained unanswered or unclear when communicating via call or email. I really appreciate that about people I work with.

I am very happy with my visible brand and how I can use it. And the best thing is, I can imagine developing things further.

Nicole Peer
EPU, Die Heldenmacherin

I can recommend Anna with a clear conscience. Always available, extremely polite and professional. A cooperation with her always gives more value, creativity and consistency to our projects, our brand and our products. Thanks for the support and good cooperation!​

Nicolas Bergero
Founder and CEO, ZETA GASTRO – Die Gastro-Agentur

Working with Anna was quick and smooth. The output of her work met my full satisfaction.

Christa Preisperger
Executive Assistant, Ninlil

Anna has an extraordinary talent for presenting technically difficult issues in a simple way by her drawings. We were amazed at how quickly she researched our topic and paid attention to individual details. She helped us a lot to get to the heart of customer problems. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to further cooperation.

Michael Hettegger
Founder & CEO, Senseven GmbH

Working with Anna was very pleasant because she understood me and what I expected – even if I explained my ideas to her with swiping gestures and rhythmic humming 😀

She took care of the videos quickly and professionally, including animation and music, so all I had to do was to accept the files. I am very satisfied.​

Lilli Koisser
Business Coach, Lilli Koisser – Selbstbestimmt Selbständig

It’s important to me that I don’t have to think too much at all, that I can just give short orders and Anna comes back with a finished design – just like when I was planning my social media designs and logo. I highly recommend her in any case!

I approached Anna at a stage when I was at the very beginning of my business. I knew roughly what colors I liked and what font. Thanks to Anna’s support, I got more and more confident, I understood which color combinations make sense and which typeface achieves the right effect.

I am really grateful and very happy with the design. Anna works fast and is very reliable.

Jutta Rebernik
EPU, Jutta Rebernik – Sinnerfüllt Arbeiten

With great sensitivity and creative intuition, Anna ‘translated’ my wishes perfectly into the world of technology. Before I met her, I could not have imagined that anyone would be able to implement or refine my ideas, since  I have very high standards when it comes to creative projects.

I felt that I was in very good hands with Anna and I can wholeheartedly recommend working with her!

Julia Nähle-Ronay
Artist, lawyer and expert on heightened neurosensitivity, Schöngeistrebell

Anna helped me to optimally visualize my coaching and training content. Thanks to her help, I was able to make my offer – in addition to my live coaching – accessible to a wider audience in digital and print form.

Mag. Beate Hermann
EPU, Golfbalance – …für mehr Golf

For many years, when it comes to creative concepts and a successful production of videos and graphics for ITSV GmbH, we have enjoyed working with Anna Ehsani. Examples of her help included animated videos for employee events and successful mascots for various campaigns.

Anna works extraordinarily and creatively with a high level of technical understanding at the same time. She is very reliable, conscientious and is an enrichment for the entire team at ITSV GmbH.

Erwin Fleischhacker
Managing Director, ITSV GmbH

We commissioned Anna Ehsani in 2011 to develop a logo and a corresponding CI for our organization.

The appearance she designed has formed our public appearance. Since then, it gives our activities in social and traditional media, such as folders and stationery, as well as our website, a unique face and is an ideal support for our work!

Mag. Dr. Anton Tantner, Privatdoz.
Historian, IG LektorInnen und WissensarbeiterInnen

Anna is a clear recommendation for everyone who appreciates creativity and competence!

At the beginning of the project, I was a newcomer and was quickly confronted with the huge amount of pieces that had to be put together. Pieces such as the colors, the photos, the text structure and many other factors which we needed to define in order to create the website and to present my very personal key messages in pictures and in written form.

Anna was very helpful in constructively reflecting on my ideas and patiently supported me in my decision-making process with visual drafts and content-related tips.

It worked – it fully represents me and my business and I am thrilled!

Gabriela Horvath

Anna summed up the advantages and characteristics of our product and produced the image video in a way we could ourselves identify with.

This was particularly important for us as an up-and-coming startup with an international presence.

Gladly again.

Patrick Steindl
Founder & Managing Director, endiio

Anna as a freelancer is a great asset to the company’s marketing. She brought my concept into a new setting and amazed me and my customers with her marketing-ideas. She is absolutely reliable, accurate and structured. Recommendation? Definitely…..! I’m I am looking forward to our next joint project!

Stefanie Scharf
Restaurant Manager, Dellago – Das Lokal am Yppenplatz

Anna summed up the field of cranio-sacral osteopathy in a way that was easy to understand and visualized it beautifully. I am happy to work with the video.

Carmen Thurzo
EPU, Ganzheitlich G’sund

I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation and the successful result. I was impressed with how well you captured and executed the core of our video.

​It was really easy to work with you – you always communicated clearly what you need to continue your work and until when and confidently guided us through the process of deciding which voice actors, music and imagery best suited the videos.

I am happy to recommend you!

Dr. Tatjana Schwabe-Marković
Senior Project Manager & Advisor, CLIB – Cluster industrielle Biotechnologie

​How do you present something in a product-neutral and object-independent way and at the same time with a certain aim and unbiased? Quite simply: ask “about Anna”! We received uncomplicated, quick and accurate help.

DI Dr. Clemens Hecht
ARGE Qualitätsgruppe Wärmedämmsysteme

The design for the online appearance of my business turned out wonderfully, I am absolutely in love with my logo and everything that goes with it.

Thank you very much for your great work. It was such a pleasure to work with you.

Carolin Diana Kupfer
Coach of teaching Grabovoi, Carolin Diana Kupfer

Many thanks for the really great cooperation for our videos! You cannot see/hear where Ms. Ehsani cut out the individual passages or even just the words – really perfect!

I also found the cooperation extremely pleasant and uncomplicated and would be more than happy if we worked together again.

Myriam Mokhareghi
Talent Acquisition, Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Working with Ms. Anna Parisa Ehsani and her team was equally inspiring and professional. Even in stressful situations, humor and solution orientation were always maintained.

We thank her for great results achieved and her flexibility in design and execution.

Bmstr. Werner Zodl
Founding member BGS, Bürgerliste Großgemeinde Sierndorf

As soon as it comes to an out-of-the-box visualization and the storytelling about a product, I am more than happy to turn to Anna.

I fully rely on an honest, structured and professional process. The mix of reduced explanations and individually drawn graphics brings a refreshing breeze to the documents that we present to our customers.

I appreciate working with her very much and already look forward to our next project together.

Christian Scholz
IT Director Cloud Business, Arvato Systems

Anna is creative and reliable.

In the documents she prepares for us, I fully rely on her talent to translate digital content into an entertaining and clear storyline and designs it in an appealing way. The cooperation is straightforward: I send her relevant information and after a few questions, I find the finished slides in my inbox on time.

Everything done to my full satisfaction!

Markus Krenn
Senior Projekt Manager, Arvato Bertelsmann

Anna implemented our requirements to our complete satisfaction and translated our idea about an animated video and processes into a video series in an understandable way. Anytime again!

Mag. Diana Horvath
Team leader, ANKÖ – Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich

Herzlichen Dank für die wirklich großartige Zusammenarbeit! Man sieht/hört überhaupt nicht wo Frau Ehsani die einzelnen Passagen oder gar nur Worte heraus geschnitten hatte – echt perfekt!

Die Zusammenarbeit habe ich auch als äußerst angenehm und unkompliziert empfunden. Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn wir wieder einmal zusammen arbeiten könnten.

Myriam Mokhareghi
Talent Acquisition, Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Das Design für meinen Auftritt ist ganz wunderbar geworden, ich bin absolut verliebt in mein Logo und alles, was dazu gehört.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine großartige Arbeit. Es hat mir so viel Freude gemacht mit dir zu arbeiten.

Carolin Diana Kupfer
Coach der Lehre Grabovoi, Carolin Diana Kupfer

​Wie stellt man etwas produktneutral und objektunabhängig aber gezielt und unvoreingenommen dar? Ganz einfach: frag „about Anna”! Uns wurde unkompliziert, schnell und treffsicher geholfen.

DI Dr. Clemens Hecht
ARGE Qualitätsgruppe Wärmedämmsysteme

Wir arbeiten seit Jahren gerne mit Anna Ehsani zusammen, wenn es um kreative Konzeption und erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Videos oder Grafiken für die ITSV GmbH geht. Hilfreich waren etwa animierte Videos für Mitarbeiterveranstaltungen und gelungene Maskottchen für diverse Kampagnen.

Anna arbeitet außergewöhnlich kreativ mit gleichzeitig hohem technischen Verständnis. Sie ist sehr verlässlich, gewissenhaft und in der Zusammenarbeit eine Bereicherung für das gesamte Team der ITSV GmbH.

Erwin Fleischhacker
Geschäftsführer, ITSV GmbH

Anna besitzt ein außergewöhnliches Talent, technisch schwierige Sachverhalte einfach mit ihren Zeichnungen darzustellen. Wir waren begeistert, wie schnell sie unsere Thematik recherchiert hat und auf einzelne Details geachtet hat. Sie hat uns sehr geholfen, Kundenprobleme einfach auf den Punkt zu bringen. Wir sind mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden und freuen uns auf eine weitere Zusammenarbeit.

Michael Hettegger
Gründer & CEO, Senseven GmbH

Ich kann Anna nur mit bestem Gewissen weiterempfehlen. Immer erreichbar, äußerst höflich und professionell. Sie verleiht unseren Projekten, unserer Marke und unseren Produkten immer mehr Wert, Kreativität und Konsistenz. Danke für die Unterstützung und gute Zusammenarbeit!

Nicolas Bergero
Gründer und CEO, ZETA GASTRO – Die Gastro-Agentur

Anna ist eine klare Empfehlung für alle die Kreativität und Kompetenz schätzen!

Als Neuling war ich am Beginn des Projektes schnell damit konfrontiert, wie viele Puzzleteile, wie die Farben, die Fotos, der Textaufbau und noch viele andere Faktoren mehr, für die Erstellung der Website zusammengefügt werden müssen, um meine ganz persönlichen Kernbotschaften in Bild und Schrift nach außen zu bringen.

Anna war mir bei der konstruktiven Reflektion meiner Ideen sehr behilflich und hat mich geduldig mit optischen Entwürfen und inhaltlichen Tipps in meiner Entscheidungsfindung unterstützt.

Es ist gelungen, ich finde mich wieder und bin begeistert!

Gabriela Horvath

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Anna verlief zügig und reibungslos. Sie hat alles wie gewünscht umgesetzt.

Christa Preisperger
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung, Ninlil

Ich fand die Zusammenarbeit mit Anna super. Sie hat mir zugehört und verstanden, was ich mit meinem Logo rüberbringen möchte. 

Die Kunden sollten verstehen, dass es etwas mit Recht zu tun hat (=Paragraph) und dass ich ungeliebten Behördenkram für sie erledige (=Zettelwirtschaft), und zwar auf Deutsch in Spanien (=Farben der Flaggen von Deutschland und Spanien). 

Anna war total kreativ (trotz dem sachlich-trockenen Thema) und hat mir viele verschiedene Logoideen präsentiert. Das fand ich toll, denn man weiss ja oft nicht, was man will, bis man es sieht.

Beim “Feinschliff” war sie auch noch extrem geduldig mit mir und hat das Logo so lange angepasst, bis ich es perfekt fand (Schriftart, Schwung und Breite der Buchstaben, Farben, Anordnung einzelner Zettel im Paragraphenzeichen, ..).

Ich kann Anna wirklich nur empfehlen!

Svenja Werner
Rechts- und Steuerberaterin, Svenja Werner

Ich möchte mich auch ganz herzlich für die gute Zusammenarbeit und das gelungene Ergebnis bedanken. Ich war beeindruckt, wie gut Sie den Kern unseres Videos erfasst und umgesetzt haben.

Es war wirklich einfach, mit Ihnen zu arbeiten – sie haben immer klar kommuniziert, was Sie zu welchem Zeitpunkt benötigen um weiterzuarbeiten und haben uns sicher durch den Entscheidungsprozess, welche Sprecher, Musik und Bilder am besten zu den Video passen, geleitet.

Ich empfehle Sie gern weiter!

Dr. Tatjana Schwabe-Marković
Senior Projekt Manager & Advisor, CLIB – Cluster industrielle Biotechnologie

Anna ist im Prozess der Logogestaltung & CD zu 100% auf mich eingegangen, um meine Werte und Vorstellungen optimal in meinem Logo und Gesamtauftritt zu verpacken. Zusätzlich hat Anna auch den Archetyp meiner Zielgruppe in den Prozess miteinbezogen. Ich habe mich in jeder Phase bestens aufgehoben und betreut gefühlt und war über Annas wertvolle Tipps und Hinweise sehr dankbar. Annas Fähigkeit auf meine Wünsche einzugehen und passende Entwürfe zu zaubern begeistert mich jedes Mal aufs Neue.

Da ich auch meinen Social Media-Auftritt an meine CD anpassen wollte, hat mir Anna dafür geniale Vorlagen gebastelt, die ich nun mit wenig Aufwand adaptieren und posten kann. Diese Vorlagen haben mir vor allem zu Beginn sehr viel Sicherheit und Selbstvertrauen gegeben und sparen mir heute im täglichen Tun viel Zeit und und vor allem Nerven. 😉

Mag. Sigrid Walzl, BA
EPU, Sigrids Sonnenherz – Berufsentdeckerin für Generation Y

Wir als QiTASC schätzen Annas Engagement, Ihre positive Art und Ihre Kompetenz. Anna hat die Fähigkeit, Prozesse, Abläufe, und Stimmungen in Grafiken so abzubilden, dass komplexe Inhalte leichter verständlich werden.

Can Davutoglu
Founding member & Head of Sales, QiTASC GmbH – The Magic of Testing

Herzlichen Dank für die wirklich großartige Zusammenarbeit! Man sieht/hört überhaupt nicht wo Frau Ehsani die einzelnen Passagen oder gar nur Worte heraus geschnitten hatte – echt perfekt!

Die Zusammenarbeit habe ich auch als äußerst angenehm und unkompliziert empfunden. Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn wir wieder einmal zusammen arbeiten könnten.

Myriam Mokhareghi
Talent Acquisition, Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Vor 2 Jahren haben wir begonnen Kurzvideos gezielt in Kundenprojekten zu nutzen um unsere komplexen Inhalte modern und einfach zu vermitteln. Seither ist Anna unsere ‚go-to-person’ für alle Anliegen rund um Videokonzeption, Videodreh und Videoschnitt. Die Professionalität die wir für unsere oft begrenzten Projektbudgets erhalten ist hervorragend. Die zuverlässige und menschlich überaus herzliche Zusammenarbeit gab es als Bonus on top. Unsere Kunden sind mit den Ergebnissen extrem zufrieden – wir sind es auch!

Mag. Gerd Beidernickl
Gründer und Geschäftsführer, vieconsult GmbH

Anna hat das Feld der Cranio Sacralen Ostheopathie einfach verständlich auf den Punkt gebracht und in einem hübschen Video umgesetzt. Ich freue mich, damit zu arbeiten.

Carmen Thurzo
EPU, Ganzheitlich G’sund

Anna hat mir geholfen meine Coaching- und Trainingsinhalte grafisch optimal umzusetzen. So konnte ich mein Angebot – neben meiner Live-Coachings – einem breiteren Publikum in digitaler und Printform zugänglich machen.

Mag. Beate Hermann
EPU, Golfbalance – …für mehr Golf

Anna hat unsere Anforderungen zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit umgesetzt und unsere Prozesse verständlich in eine Videoserie umgesetzt. Gerne wieder!

Mag. Diana Horvath
Teamleiterin, ANKÖ – Auftragnehmerkataster Österreich

Mit Anna zu arbeiten ist außergewöhnlich! Denn sie ist extrem verlässlich, denkt mit, bringt tolle Ideen mit ein und übertrifft mit ihrer Arbeit jedes Mal meine ohnehin hohen Erwartungen. Ich werde oft von Kunden und Kollegen auf mein Design, meine Kursmaterialien und Videos angesprochen – dieses Lob verdanke ich Anna.

MMag. Theresa Ehsani
EPU, Theresa Ehsani – Eine starke Marke, Sichtbarkeit und Erfolg Online

Ich erwartete mir einen professionellen, aber trotzdem locker gestaltete Portraits meiner Teammitglieder. Völlig unkompliziert entwickelte Anna einen passenden Stil und befolgte meine Anweisungen bei Änderungswünschen. Ich komm bei Bedarf von neuen Portraits gerne wieder auf sie zurück.

Oskar Öhlsasser
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter und Eigentümer, Oskar IT GmbH

Nachdem wir bereits 2013 für eine mittelgroße Konferenz in Deutschland mit Anna zusammengearbeitet haben, war sofort klar, dass wir bei unserem nächsten großen Projekt (2018) wieder mit ihr kollaborieren würden.

Mit ihrer unkomplizierten Art hat sie es geschafft, aus unseren teils unausgegorenen Vorstellungen ein perfektes visuelles Sujet zu entwerfen, das genau den Kern unseres Projektes getroffen hat. Außerdem war Anna sehr flexibel und hat mit uns „bis zur letzten Minute” am Feinschliff der verschiedenen Drucksorten gearbeitet.

Die Zusammenarbeit auf Entfernung funktionierte hervorragend und Dank ihrer wunderbaren Arbeit war die Konferenz ein voller Erfolg!

Mag. Dr. Anna K. Windisch
Research Fellow, University of Salzburg

Wir habe Anna Ehsani 2011 damit beauftragt, für unsere Organisation ein Logo und eine entsprechende CI zu entwickeln.

Das von ihr entworfene Erscheinungsbild prägt seither unser öffentliches Auftreten visuell, gibt sowohl unseren Aktivitäten in sozialen und traditionellen Medien wie Folder und Briefpapier als auch unserem Webauftritt ein unverwechselbares Gesicht und ist eine ideale Unterstützung unserer Arbeit!

Mag. Dr. Anton Tantner, Privatdoz.
Historiker, IG LektorInnen und WissensarbeiterInnen

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Anna war sehr professionell, inspirierend und auf Augen-und Herzhöhe. Sie hat mich immer gut verstanden, was mir wichtig ist zu transportieren.

Anna hat eine wundervolle, ruhige Art und in der Kommunikation per Call oder email blieben keine Fragen offen oder unklar. Das schätze ich sehr an Menschen, mit denen ich zusammenarbeite.

Ich bin sehr happy über meine sichtbare Marke und wie ich sie anwenden kann. Und das Beste ist, ich kann mir vorstellen, die Dinge weiterzuentwickeln.

Nicole Peer
EPU, Die Heldenmacherin

Anna ist eine große Bereicherung für das Marketing des Unternehmens. Sie brachte mein Konzept in eine neue Kulisse, und mich und meine Kunden ins Staunen. Absolut verlässlich, genau und strukturiert. Weiterempfehlung? Auf jeden Fall….! Freu mich schon auf das nächste gemeinsame Projekt!

Stefanie Scharf
Restaurantleiterin, Dellago – Das Lokal am Yppenplatz

Mit Anna haben wir unsere Datenbeschützerin zum virtuellen Leben erweckt. Anna ist es gelungen, im Ergebnis unsere Persönlichkeit und unser Image darzustellen. Wir sind rundherum zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis.

Regina Stoiber
Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin, Datenbeschützerin Regina Stoiber

Anna und ihr Team haben sowohl vor, während, als auch nach dem Katzenfilmfestival zuverlässige und hochwertige Arbeit geleistet. Eine gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit möchte ich auch in zukünftigen Projekten nicht missen!

Mag. Marija Milovanovic
Programmleitung Katzenfilmfestival, Lemonade Films – Agentur für Festivalstrategien & Verleih

Die Filmserie zu den elektronischen Vergaberichtlinien vom ANKÖ präsentiert zum ersten Mal das Maskottchen ANKA, gestaltet von Anna Vidjajkevic.Abgesehen von den Videos, die sich inhaltlich an die unterschiedlichen Kundenkreise von ANKÖ Ges.m.b.H. richten, wurde eine Version erstellt, die bei Veranstaltungen in einer scheinbaren Endlosschleife abgespielt werden kann.Gemeinsam mit Anna Vidjajkevic wurde die Komposition der Zeichnungen für das Storyboard mehrmals überarbeitet, bis ein klarer Fluss erkennbar war.

Nachdem wir bereits 2013 für eine mittelgroße Konferenz in Deutschland mit Anna zusammengearbeitet haben, war sofort klar, dass wir bei unserem nächsten großen Projekt (2018) wieder mit ihr kollaborieren würden.

Mit ihrer unkomplizierten Art hat sie es geschafft, aus unseren teils unausgegorenen Vorstellungen ein perfektes visuelles Sujet zu entwerfen, das genau den Kern unseres Projektes getroffen hat.Außerdem war Anna sehr flexibel und hat mit uns „bis zur letzten Minute” am Feinschliff der verschiedenen Drucksorten gearbeitet.

Die Zusammenarbeit auf Entfernung funktionierte hervorragend und Dank ihrer wunderbaren Arbeit war die Konferenz ein voller Erfolg!

Mag. Dr. Anna K. Windisch
Research Fellow, Universität Salzburg

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Anna war sehr angenehm, weil sie verstanden hat, was ich möchte – auch wenn ich es ihr mit Wischgesten oder rhythmischem Summen vermittelt habe 😀

Sie hat sich rasch und professionell um die Videos samt Animation und Musik gekümmert, sodass ich nur noch die Dateien entgegennehmen musste. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

Lilli Koisser
Business Coach, Lilli Koisser – Selbstbestimmt Selbständig

Ich bin an einer Phase an Anna herangetreten, wo ich ganz am Anfang meines Business stand. Ich wusste grob, welche Farben mir gefallen und welche Schriftart. Durch Anna’s Unterstützung habe ich mich immer mehr getraut, habe ich verstanden, welche Farbkombinationen überhaupt Sinn machen und welche Schrift die richtige Wirkung erzielt.

Ich bin super dankbar und sehr zufrieden mit dem Design. Anna ist schnell und sehr verlässlich.

Mir ist wichtig, dass ich mir gar nicht so viel überlegen muss, sondern dass ich einfach kurze Aufträge geben kann und Anna mit einem fertige Design zurück kommt – so wie bei der Planung meiner Social Media Designs und des Logos. Ich kann sie in jedem Fall sehr empfehlen!

Jutta Rebernik
EPU, Jutta Rebernik – Sinnerfüllt Arbeiten

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Anna war sehr angenehm. Sie hat alle Anweisungen bezüglich Positionierung professionell umgesetzt und ist meinen klaren Anweisungen gefolgt.

Bei Bedarf werden wir auf sie zurück greifen, da sie auf menschlicher, sowie auf arbeitstechnischer Ebene sehr verlässlich ist.

Peter Huber
Bereichsleiter Lohnbetrieb, Rösler

Die Zusammenarbeit war sehr inspirierend.

Wir ergänzen uns sehr gut und unsere Ideen wurden nach einer positiven Diskussion umgesetzt und verbessert.

Auch jetzt noch verwenden wir den Film gerne im Unterricht und die zusätzlichen Unterlagen wie das Heft und die Kleber werden gerne von den Lehrern verwendet.

Angelika Büchler
Leiterin der AG „Sei ein Held!“, NÖ Umweltverbände

Anna hat die Vorzüge und Charakteristika von unserem Produkt auf den Punkt gebracht und in einem Imagevideo so umgesetzt, dass wir uns damit identifizieren können.

Das war gerade für uns als aufstrebendes Startup wichtig, das international auftritt.

Gerne wieder.

Patrick Steindl
Founder & Managing Director, endiio

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Anna Parisa Ehsani und ihrem Team war gleichermaßen inspirierend und professionell.

Auch in stressigen Situationen wurden Humor und Lösungsorientiertheit stets beibehalten.

Wir danken ihr für das tolle Ergebnis und ihre Flexibilität in der Gestaltung und Abwicklung.

Werner Zodl
Gründungsmitglied BGS, Bürgerliste Großgemeinde Sierndorf

Sobald es um eine out of the box Visualisierung und Erzählung zu einem Produkt geht wende ich mich gerne an Anna.

Ich kann mich auf einen ehrlichen, strukturierten und professionellen Ablauf verlassen. Der Mix aus reduzierten Erklärungen und selbst gestalteten Grafiken bringt erfrischenden Wind in die Unterlagen, mit denen wir an unsere Kunden treten.

Ich schätze ihre Arbeit sehr und freue mich bereits auf das nächste Projekt.

Christian Scholz
IT Director Cloud Business, Arvato Systems

Anna ist kreativ und verlässlich.

Ich kann mich in den von ihr aufbereiteten Unterlagen darauf verlassen, dass sie ein Storytelling erarbeitet, das sie dann auch in eine ansprechende Gestaltung übersetzt.

Die Zusammenarbeit ist dabei unkompliziert: Wir schicken die Vorlagen und nach wenigen inhaltlichen Fragen und sind die fertigen Folien zeitgerecht im Posteingang.

Alles zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit!

Markus Krenn
Senior Projektmanager, Arvato Bertelsmann

General terms and conditions

Status: October 2014

DI Mag. Anna Parisa Ehsani
Brunneng. 75/2/9-10
1160 Wien
UID ATU 69041823
E >
W >
T > +43 699 117 186 49


The following text to the terms and conditions is translated. The original is valid.


1 Validity, Conclusion of Contract

1.1 Anna Parisa Ehsani provides her services exclusively on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC). These apply to all legal relationships between the agency and the customer, even if they are not expressly referred to.

1.2 The version valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract is decisive. Deviations from these as well as other supplementary agreements with the client are only effective if they are confirmed in writing by Anna Parisa Ehsani.

1.3 Any terms and conditions of the customer, even if known, are not accepted, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing in individual cases. Anna Parisa Ehsani explicitly disagrees with the client’s terms and conditions. A further objection against GTC of the customer by the agency is not required.

1.4 Changes of the GTC will be announced to the client and are considered as agreed, if the client does not contradict the changed GTC in writing within 14 days; the client will be explicitly informed about the meaning of silence in the notification.

1.5 Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, this shall not affect the binding nature of the remaining provisions and the contracts concluded on the basis thereof. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid one that comes closest to the meaning and purpose.

1.6 The offers of Anna Parisa Ehsani are subject to change and non-binding.

2 social media channels

Before placing an order, Anna Parisa Ehsani explicitly informs the customer that the providers of “social media channels” (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, hereinafter referred to as providers) reserve the right in their terms of use to reject or remove advertisements and appearances for any reason. Accordingly, the providers are not obligated to forward content and information to the users. There is therefore a risk, which cannot be calculated by Anna Parisa Ehsani, that published videos may be removed for no reason. In the event of a complaint from another user, the providers do grant the possibility of a counterstatement, but even in this case the content is removed immediately. In this case, the recovery of the original, lawful state may take some time. Anna Parisa Ehsani works on the basis of these terms of use of the providers, on which she has no influence, and also bases an order of the customer on them. By placing an order, the client explicitly acknowledges that these terms of use (co-)determine the rights and obligations of a possible contractual relationship. The agency intends to execute the order of the customer to the best of its knowledge and to comply with the guidelines of “social media channels”. However, due to the currently valid terms of use and the simple possibility of each user to claim violations of rights and thus achieve a removal of the content, Anna Parisa Ehsani cannot guarantee that the commissioned publication is also retrievable at any time.

3 concept and idea protection

If the potential client of Anna Parisa Ehsani has already been invited in advance to create a concept, and if the agency complies with this invitation before the conclusion of the main contract, the following regulation shall apply:

3.1 Already by the invitation and the acceptance of the invitation by Anna Parisa Ehsani, the potential client and Anna Parisa Ehsani enter into a contractual relationship (“Pitching Contract”). This contract is also based on the GTC.

3.2 The potential client acknowledges that Anna Parisa Ehsani already provides cost-intensive preliminary services with the concept development, although he has not yet assumed any service obligations himself.

3.3 The concept is subject to the protection of the copyright law in its linguistic and graphic parts, as far as these reach work height. The potential customer is not allowed to use and edit these parts without the consent of Anna Parisa Ehsani already due to the copyright law.

3.4 The concept also contains ideas relevant to advertising, which do not reach the level of a work and therefore do not enjoy the protection of copyright law. These ideas are at the beginning of every creative process and can be defined as the igniting spark of everything that is later produced and thus as the origin of film productions and graphic works. Therefore, those elements of the concept are protected which are peculiar and give the marketing strategy its characteristic imprint. In particular, character design, story, text passages, slogans, graphics and illustrations, etc. are considered as ideas in the sense of this agreement, even if they do not reach the level of a work.

3.5 The potential customer undertakes to refrain from commercially exploiting, or having exploited, or using, or having used, these creative film ideas or graphic concepts presented by Anna Parisa Ehsani within the framework of the concept, outside the corrective of a main contract to be concluded later.

3.6 If the potential customer is of the opinion that ideas were presented to him by Anna Parisa Ehsani, which he already came up with before the presentation, he has to inform Anna Parisa Ehsani about this within 14 days after the day of the presentation by e-mail, citing evidence that allows a temporal allocation.

3.7 In the contrary case, the contracting parties shall assume that Anna Parisa Ehsani has presented the potential customer with an idea that is new to him. If the idea is used by the potential customer, it shall be assumed that Anna Parisa Ehsani became meritorious in doing so.

3.8 The potential customer may release himself from his obligations under this point by paying an appropriate compensation, but at least € 2.500.- plus 20% VAT. The exemption will only come into effect after Anna Parisa Ehsani has received the payment of the compensation in full.

4 scope of services, order processing and cooperation obligations of the customer

4.1 The scope of services to be rendered results from the service description in the contract or a possible order confirmation by Anna Parisa Ehsani, as well as the milestones according to the cost estimate. Subsequent changes of the service content need a written confirmation by Anna Parisa Ehsani. Within the framework given by the client, Anna Parisa Ehsani has the freedom of design in the fulfillment of the order.

4.2 All services of Anna Parisa Ehsani (especially all preliminary drafts, sketches, final artwork, character designs, storyboards, animatics, voice drafts, copies, treatments, script excerpts, test shots and electronic files) have to be checked by the client and have to be released by him within three working days after receipt by the client. If they are not released in time, they are considered approved by the Customer.

4.3 The customer shall make available to Anna Parisa Ehsani in a timely and complete manner all information and documents necessary for the performance of the service. He will inform her of all circumstances which are of importance for the execution of the order, even if they become known only during the execution of the order. The customer shall bear the expenses that arise from the fact that work has to be repeated or is delayed as a result of his incorrect, incomplete or subsequently changed information from Anna Parisa Ehsani.

4.4 The client is furthermore obliged to check the documents provided for the execution of the order (photos, logos, audio recordings, soundtracks etc.) for possible copyrights, trademark rights or other rights of third parties (rights clearing) and guarantees that the documents are free of rights of third parties and therefore can be used for the intended purpose. Anna Parisa Ehsani is not liable in case of only slight negligence or after fulfillment of her duty to warn – at least in the internal relationship to the client – because of an infringement of such rights of third parties by provided documents. If Anna Parisa Ehsani is claimed against by a third party because of such an infringement, the customer shall indemnify and hold Anna Parisa Ehsani harmless; he shall compensate Anna Parisa Ehsani for all disadvantages caused by a claim of a third party, especially the costs of an adequate legal representation. The customer commits himself to support Anna Parisa Ehsani in the defense of possible claims of third parties. For this purpose the customer provides Anna Parisa Ehsani with all documents without being asked.

5 External Services / Commissioning of Third Parties

5.1 Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled at her own discretion to perform the service herself, to use competent third parties as vicarious agents for the performance of contractual services and/or to substitute such services (“third party services”). When purchasing the work of third parties Anna Parisa Ehsani proceeds to the best of her knowledge and belief, but possible complaints due to unauthorized use can never be completely excluded.

5.2 The commissioning of third parties in the context of an external service is done either in the own name or in the name of the client. Anna Parisa Ehsani will choose this third party carefully and make sure that he has the necessary professional qualification.

5.3 As far as Anna Parisa Ehsani commissions necessary or agreed external services, the respective contractors are not vicarious agents of Anna Parisa Ehsani.

5.4 The customer has to enter into obligations towards third parties, which go beyond the contract period. This applies explicitly also in case of termination of the agency contract for an important reason.

6 Dates

6.1 Unless expressly agreed as binding, stated delivery or service deadlines shall only be considered approximate and non-binding. Binding deadlines are to be recorded in writing or to be confirmed in writing by Anna Parisa Ehsani.

6.2 If the delivery/service of Anna Parisa Ehsani is delayed for reasons beyond her control, e.g. events of force majeure and other unforeseeable events which cannot be avoided by reasonable means, the obligations to perform shall be suspended for the duration and to the extent of the impediment and the deadlines shall be extended accordingly. If such delays last more than two months, the customer and Anna Parisa Ehsani are entitled to withdraw from the contract.

6.3 If Anna Parisa Ehsani is in delay, the customer can only withdraw from the contract, after he has set Anna Parisa Ehsani a reasonable extension of time of at least 14 days in written form and this extension has expired fruitlessly. Claims for damages of the customer due to non-fulfillment or delay are excluded, except in case of proof of intent or gross negligence.

7 early dissolution

7.1 Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to dissolve the contract for important reasons with immediate effect. An important reason is in particular, if
a) the execution of the service becomes impossible for reasons for which the customer is responsible or is further delayed despite setting a grace period of 14 days;
b) the customer continues, despite a written warning with a grace period of 14 days, to violate essential obligations under this contract, such as payment of a due amount or obligations to cooperate.
c) there are justified doubts about the creditworthiness of the customer and the customer does not make advance payments at the request of the agency, nor does the customer provide suitable security prior to the agency’s performance;
d) For moral or political reasons that were not known at the beginning of the production.

7.2 The Client is entitled to dissolve the contract for important reasons without granting a grace period. An important reason is in particular, if Anna Parisa Ehsani continues, despite written warning with a reasonable grace period of at least 14 days to remedy the breach of contract, to violate essential provisions of this contract.

8 fee

8.1 Unless otherwise agreed, Anna Parisa Ehsani’s fee claim arises for each individual service as soon as it has been rendered. Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to demand advance payments to cover her expenses. From an order volume with an (annual) budget of € 5.000.-, or those that extend over a longer period of time, Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to issue interim invoices or advance invoices, or to call for payments on account.

8.2 Anna Parisa Ehsani reserves the right to charge a lump sum of €800.- for the initial consultation, which will only be deducted from the total amount if the project is successfully completed. This amount of €800.- must be reimbursed within 14 days after invoicing of the initial meeting.

8.3 The fee shall be understood as a net fee plus VAT at the statutory rate. In the absence of an agreement in an individual case, Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to a fee in the amount customary in the market for the services rendered and the transfer of the rights of use under copyright and trademark law.

8.4 All services of Anna Parisa Ehsani, which are not explicitly compensated by the agreed fee, will be paid separately. All cash expenses incurred by Anna Parisa Ehsani are to be reimbursed by the client.

8.5 Cost estimates of Anna Parisa Ehsani are not binding. If it is foreseeable that the actual costs will exceed the written estimates of Anna Parisa Ehsani by more than 15%, Anna Parisa Ehsani will inform the customer about the higher costs. The cost overrun is considered to be approved by the customer, if the customer does not object in writing within three working days after this notice and at the same time announces cheaper alternatives. If the cost overrun is up to 15%, a separate notification is not required. This cost estimate overrun is considered as approved by the client from the beginning.

8.6 For all work of Anna Parisa Ehsani, which for whatever reason is not carried out by the client, Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to the agreed fee. The credit provision of § 1168 ABGB is excluded. With the payment of the fee, the client does not acquire any rights of use to work already done, if not explicitly stated in the contract; concepts, drafts and other documents that have not been executed have to be returned to Anna Parisa Ehsani immediately.

8.7 If a project is cancelled after a partial invoice has been issued and within the following milestone, the client has to hand over any outstanding partial amounts to Anna Parisa Ehsani. This partial amount is based on the total amount of the Milestone estimated in the cost estimate and must be paid within 14 days from the date of the invoice.

9 Payment, Retention of Title

9.1 The fee shall be due for payment immediately upon receipt of the invoice and without deduction, unless special payment terms have been agreed in writing in individual cases. This also applies to the charging of all cash expenses and other expenditures. The films and graphics delivered by Anna Parisa Ehsani remain the property of Anna Parisa Ehsani until full payment of the fee including all ancillary liabilities.

9.2 In case of default of payment by the customer, the legal default interest applies in the amount applicable to business transactions. Furthermore the customer commits himself to compensate Anna Parisa Ehsani for the arising reminder and collection costs, as far as they are necessary for the appropriate prosecution. This includes in any case the costs of two reminders in a customary amount of currently at least € 20,00 per reminder as well as a reminder letter of a lawyer assigned with the collection. The assertion of further rights and claims shall remain unaffected.

9.3 In case of default of payment of the client Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to demand immediate payment of all services and partial services rendered in the context of other contracts concluded with the client.

9.4 Furthermore Anna Parisa Ehsani is not obliged to provide further services until the outstanding amount is paid (right of retention). The obligation to pay the fee remains unaffected.

9.5 If payment in installments has been agreed upon, Anna Parisa Ehsani reserves the right to demand immediate payment of the entire outstanding debt in case of non timely payment of partial amounts or additional claims (loss of date).

9.6 The customer is not entitled to set off his own claims against claims of Anna Parisa Ehsani, unless the customer’s claim has been acknowledged in writing by Anna Parisa Ehsani or has been established by court.

10. property right and copyright

10.1 All services of Anna Parisa Ehsani, including those from presentations (e.g. suggestions, ideas, sketches, preliminary drafts, scribbles, concepts, film styles, slides), also single parts of them, remain as well as the single work pieces and design originals in the property of Anna Parisa Ehsani and can be reclaimed by Anna Parisa Ehsani at any time – especially at termination of the contractual relationship. By paying the fee the client acquires the right of use for the agreed purpose. In the absence of any other agreement the customer may use the services of Anna Parisa Ehsani exclusively in Austria. The acquisition of rights of use and exploitation of services of the agency requires in any case the complete payment of the fees charged by Anna Parisa Ehsani. If the client already uses the services of Anna Parisa Ehsani before this date, this use is based on a loan relationship that can be revoked at any time.

10.2 Modifications or adaptations of Anna Parisa Ehsani’s services, especially their further development by the customer or by third parties working for him, are only allowed with the explicit consent of Anna Parisa Ehsani and – as far as the services are protected by copyright – of the author.

10.3 For the use of services of Anna Parisa Ehsani, which exceeds the originally agreed purpose and scope of use, the consent of Anna Parisa Ehsani is required – regardless of whether this service is protected by copyright. For this, Anna Parisa Ehsani and the author are entitled to a separate appropriate remuneration.

10.4 For the use of services of Anna Parisa Ehsani or of graphical or audiovisual means, for which Anna Parisa Ehsani has worked out conceptual or design templates, after the expiration of the contract – regardless of whether this service is protected by copyright or not – the consent of Anna Parisa Ehsani is also required.

10.5 The customer is liable for Anna Parisa Ehsani for any unlawful use in double the amount of the fee appropriate for this use.

10.6 The client acknowledges that he has to take care of the compliance of his corporate identity guidelines himself. Changes ordered by the customer, such as an animation of the company logo, must be coordinated by the customer within the company before the change is ordered.

11 labelling

11.1 Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to refer to her one-person company and if applicable to the author on all film productions and in all graphic measures, without the customer being entitled to any remuneration for this.

11.2 Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to refer to the existing or former business relationship with the customer on her own advertising media and especially on her internet website with name and company logo (reference), subject to the written revocation of the customer, which is possible at any time.

12 Warranty

12.1 The customer has to report possible defects immediately, in any case within eight days after delivery/service by Anna Parisa Ehsani, hidden defects within eight days after recognition of the same, in writing with description of the defect; otherwise the service is considered as approved. In this case the assertion of warranty claims and claims for damages as well as the right to contest errors due to defects is excluded.

12.2 In case of justified and timely notice of defects the customer is entitled to improvement or exchange of the (partial) delivery/service by Anna Parisa Ehsani. Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to determine whether an improvement or an exchange will take place, if both options are possible. Anna Parisa Ehsani will make the improvements or replacement within a reasonable period of time, and Anna Parisa Ehsani’s customer will allow Anna Parisa Ehsani to take all measures necessary to investigate and remedy the defect. Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to refuse the improvement of the service, if it is impossible or for Anna Parisa Ehsani with a disproportionate effort. In this case the customer is entitled to the legal rights of change or reduction. In case of improvement it is incumbent on the client to carry out the transfer of the defective (physical) item at his own expense.

12.3 It is also incumbent on the client to carry out the verification of the service regarding its legal admissibility, especially regarding competition, trademark, copyright and administrative law. Anna Parisa Ehsani is only obliged to a rough check of the legal admissibility. Anna Parisa Ehsani is not liable for the legal admissibility of content in case of slight negligence or after fulfillment of a possible duty to warn the client, if the content was given or approved by the client.

12.4 The warranty period is six months from delivery/service. The right of recourse against Anna Parisa Ehsani according to § 933b Abs 1 ABGB expires one year after delivery/service. The customer is not entitled to withhold payments because of complaints. The presumption of § 924 ABGB is excluded.

13 Liability and Product Liability

13.1 In cases of slight negligence a liability of Anna Parisa Ehsani and those of her employees, contractors or other vicarious agents (“people”) for material or financial damage of the customer is excluded, no matter if it is a question of direct or indirect damage, loss of profit or consequential damage, damage due to delay, impossibility, positive breach of contract, culpa in contrahendo, defective or incomplete performance. The existence of gross negligence has to be proven by the injured party. As far as the liability of Anna Parisa Ehsani is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of her “people”.

13.2 Any liability of Anna Parisa Ehsani for claims, which are made against the client due to the service provided by Anna Parisa Ehsani (e.g. advertising measure), is explicitly excluded, if Anna Parisa Ehsani has fulfilled her duty to inform or if such a duty was not recognizable for her, whereby slight negligence does not harm. In particular Anna Parisa Ehsani is not liable for legal costs, own lawyer’s fees of the customer or costs of judgment publications as well as for possible claims for damages or other claims of third parties; the customer has to indemnify and hold Anna Parisa Ehsani harmless in this respect.

13.3 Claims for damages of the customer expire in six months after knowledge of the damage; in any case after three years after the infringement act of Anna Parisa Ehsani. Claims for damages are limited to the net order value.

14. data protection

14. 1 The customer agrees that his personal data, namely name/company, profession, date of birth, company register number, powers of representation, contact person, business address and other addresses of the customer, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, bank details, credit card details, UID number) for the purpose of contract fulfillment and support of the customer as well as for own advertising purposes, for example for sending offers, advertising brochures and newsletters (in paper and electronic form), as well as for the purpose of reference to the existing or former business relationship with the customer (reference). The Customer agrees that electronic mail may be sent to him for advertising purposes until revoked.

14.2 This consent may be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail, fax or letter to the contact data stated in the header of the GTC.

15 Applicable law

The contract and all mutual rights and obligations derived from it as well as claims between Anna Parisa Ehsani and the customer are subject to Austrian substantive law under exclusion of its referral norms and under exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

16 Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction

16.1 Place of fulfillment is the domicile of Anna Parisa Ehsani. In case of shipment the risk is transferred to the customer as soon as Anna Parisa Ehsani has handed over the goods to the carrier chosen by her.

16.2 As place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising between Anna Parisa Ehsani and the customer in connection with this contractual relationship, the court having subject-matter jurisdiction for the registered office of Anna Parisa Ehsani is agreed. Notwithstanding this, Anna Parisa Ehsani is entitled to sue the customer at his general place of jurisdiction.

16.3 As far as in this contract terms referring to natural persons are mentioned only in male form, they refer to women and men in the same way. When applying the designation to certain natural persons, the respective gender-specific form is to be used.