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The story behind

On the one hand, Helmut Veith, my supervisor and mentor at the Vienna University of Technology, discovered my talent to combine creativity with technology and to explain IT-topics via animated videos. On the other hand, my best friend Kathi pushed me towards the idea of self-employment, until I started working as freelancer in November 2014, with the initial plan to offer animated video production only. According to the principle ‘Let´s see’ I expected the market to chew me up and spit me out.

More than 7 years later I am able to self confidently look back at a wide range number of successful projects and clients. The main focus of my works lies on explaining technical contents in a creative way and combine them with entertaining storytelling.

Depending on the project and work requirement, I either work on my own, with the client´s existing team of marketing and sales or organize a team of established and proven freelancers I have confidence in.

Furthermore, thanks to my success as working independently, I could fulfill my childhood dream of my own dog.


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