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Would you like to collaborate?

The projects I realize are as different as the clients behind. I cannot give you neither a generalized process nor fix prices, but I can give you some organizational information.

The first step

I am looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas for a new project. I am looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas for a new project. During an initial meeting, I find out everything necessary to get a clear picture of the project. I will ask relevant questions until both of us get a clear picture of the project, which is necessary to estimate costs and time needed. Then we are ready to start our collaboration.

A short, initial consultation of max. 20 minutes to discuss the basic idea is free of charge. As soon as we are already planning the implementation of a specific project, I charge €100 for max. 90 minutes. The reason is not only the time required, but above all, I already contribute ideas and want to avoid an initial meeting being arranged and ideas collected without serious intention.

Ways of collaboration

As a one-woman enterprise I am flexible.

I can do the work single-handedly for you or take over complete projects, including the project management with my team of freelancers. A continuous collaboration is also possible, where I reserve a certain amount of time per week for a customer. Hereby, the way of collaboration can be adapted over time.

Team composition

It is not always necessary to work in a team, however, on my projects, it is almost always the case. Additionally, working in a team has the advantage that the entire project will not stop if one person is not available. In the end, however, it depends heavily on the size and type of the project.

When putting together a suitable team, I primarily rely on my proven freelancers, though, it is possible to work with people who have already established themselves with you.

Project management

If required, I take over the entire project management. This is mostly the case for projects which are produced entirely by me and my team, i.e. product videos. I am your contact person and you do not have to worry about anything else.


Generally, I charge on an hourly basis for work such as video production, animation, illustration and layouts.

The value of creative services differs, such as creative conception and design. With character design (i.e. for a mascot), usage rights are charged in addition to the creation.

As soon as the task and time period of a project are agreed on and I have worked with a customer before, I also work with flat rates.


The following three types of accounting have proven their worth:

I mostly work on a project basis. Small projects are charged once upon finalization of the project. From approximately €2.000,– on, I charge a deposit of around one third of the primarily estimated costs and after finalization of the project, I issue an invoice for the outstanding amount. For bigger projects, I issue an interim invoice.

Another way of billing is the coorperation on a regular basis. We arrange a rate you pay for a certain amount of my working hours. Experience has shown that this form is advisable after a pilot project and if we plan to work together for at least a year. In this case, the hourly rate is negotiable.

The third way is a regular ‘on demand’ cooperation, with support from my side whenever needed. My customers pay a deposit and I inform you as soon as the deposit is used up.

Barter business and pro bono projects

I only work full price or pro bono.

I cannot pay my rent with references (I have already checked, but my landlord was not very impressed) and I also want to keep pampering Nenok. I do not work at a reduced price because in my experience a ‘reduced friends’ price’ ultimately leaves both sides dissatisfied. Regular customers are of course an exception.

I like to enter into barter business, if I i.e. receive interesting connections, lucrative projects from third parties in return or if I receive a share in your business or profit. Big exceptions are projects that I take closely to my heart, which I support pro bono, especially in areas of small farmers, environmental protection and culture.