EPU Anna Parisa Ehsani Wien Team

One-woman business indeed, but rarely alone

Depending on the project, I assemble the team. As project manager, I am always part of it and then – depending on the project and requirement – I choose the best out of my pool of trusted freelancers.


boss, welcoming committee, work-life-balance

Apart from a heartwarming welcome for my clients, Nenok is also responsible for a healthy work-life-balance in the form of exercises in the form of regular long walks, sport, movement and pauses. Thanks to him, despite stressful moments and sometimes frustrating phases, I never forget what really matters.

Anna Parisa

project management, storytelling, design

I am the heart of the business. I am in contact with the clients, develop ideas, storylines and designs, manage projects and produce still and moving pictures. This range is possible thanks to my team. Degrees in media informatics, TU Vienna (Information Design) and Study of Theatre, Film and Media, Vienna University (Character Design of Disney´s Villains).


strategic consultation

Theresa transforms good offers to strong brands. She contributes her knowledge of economy, psychology, strategic branding and online marketing in the appearance and strategy of companies and products. I cooperate with Theresa when developing communication strategies.


final drawing, coloring

At the beginning of her career, Lorena had one strong talent for drawing and also discipline. I got to know her in a workshop when she was 18 and already offered a portfolio of drawings, a candidate for the university of arts could only dream of. It is already obvious that she will be a big fish in the art industry.


graphic design, layout

Julia from JuMo artwork is one of the quickest and most solid graphic designers and because of that, a fix part of my team of freelancers. Be it for details in graphics, research, quality check or whole project parts – I know that I can rely on the high quality of her work blindfolded.


WordPress website, social media

As digital online genius, Olivia and I complement each other optimally. After I finished the web design, she implements them as WordPress website or ad. With her skillset she covers the whole digital area: from technical processes, workflow around newsletter marketing, creation of online courses to social media ads.


cameraman, photographer

For video projects, I cannot imagine someone better behind the camera to cooperate with. David produced movies and photo shootings in the DACH-region, works for the ORF on a regular basis and is even able to shoot telephones in a sexy way. David´s perfectionism, reliability and seriousness result in high quality video material.


speaking voice

Harald synchronizes videos in German and English. If he is not busy with one of my videos, he deals with his clients and his event agency ‘Tag8’.


composer, sound designer

Markus mixes samples to soundtracks that give depth to stories and underline the character of the brand in focus. He uses his talent without creating airs and graces in the cooperation.


storyboard, motion graphics

As soon as a video needs a clean look with personality or motion graphics, I enjoy working with Monira. She works fast, on the point and understand even cryptical line of thoughts without long explanations needed, even though we never met in person. Priceless!


stop motion animation, character design

Beatrice is a master of character design and stop motion animation and, at the same time, flexible enough for project requirements which do not apply to a typical feature film or commercial. Even in uninspiring setting of a task, she designs and animated characters whose movements remind us of old Disney movies.


stop motion animation, character design

As a successful graduate of the HFF Potsdam, Germany, it does not surprise us that Sandra can bring characters to life which skillfully connect charm and seriousness. Without a doubt, Sandra is jointly responsible for the success of the extensive project ‘Sei ein Held!’ for Die NÖ Umweltverbände.